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Littoral Zones, Wetlands and Preserves
Management throughout Florida

With ever increasing development and urban sprawl, the need to protect our waterways, wetlands and upland preserves is becoming increasingly important. Wetland areas can vary greatly in appearance and function, but all play a key role in preserving the environment and acting as filters of surface water. Littoral shelves are a type of wetland that are contained within a lake, and are created to improve the water quality and health of the lakes and ponds. Larger stand-alone wetlands and uplands also preserve land for conservation and wildlife utilization.

Littoral Shelves. Littoral plants are an effective tool to reduce nutrient loads and contaminants flushed into our lakes and rivers through runoff or other non-point source pollution. They also provide habitat for fish and fowl that inhabit the lakes and other waterways. With years of planting and maintenance experience, Lake Masters has the ability to provide unique planting of Littoral Plants and maintenance plans tailored to you or your community’s specific site conditions. Whether for code compliance, erosion control, or a desire to give your lake banks a face lift, Lake Masters can help develop and implement both planting and maintenance plans that are not only functional, but are aesthetically appealing as well.

Exotic & Nuisance Vegetation Control

Wetland/Upland Preserves. Lake Masters is uniquely positioned to offer specialized wetland/upland preserve maintenance programs, tailored to meet the requirements of your community or agency. Our experienced biologists and field technicians are trained in the identification and treatment of invasive/exotic species, as well as the planting of native trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. Whether it's solely permit compliance, or having aesthetically pleasing wetlands and uplands, Lake Masters can customize a Littoral planting program that not only meets your budget, but also your expectations. Our experience can help facilitate your interface with governmental permitting agencies for a smooth planning and implementation process. If you have questions or maintenance needs in your upland or wetland preserve areas, call Lake Masters’ professionals for a free survey today!