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Algae and Aquatic Weed Control Services - Florida

Beautiful lakes that are environmentally sound – if that's what you want Your Choice is Clear! Lakematers provides effective aquatic weed and algae control. Our Technicians provide aquatic weed and algae control that makes the difference between healthy aesthetically pleasing lakes and those lakes and ponds that are an eyesore. Lake Masters has vast experience in managing all types of waterways, from the smallest of ponds to the most complex system of interconnected lakes. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop programs that result in great looking lakes that are environmentally sound and provide a balanced ecosystem for wildlife. In fact, we serve more Audubon sanctioned golf courses than any other lake manage company in Florida. In addition, we serve more golf courses that host or have hosted nationally televised PGA Tour, Champions Tour and LPGA Tour events in Florida than any other lake management company. What sets us apart from our competition is our concern for our customers, and even though our programs have been successful for many years, we always customize our treatment plans for every lake and every community. We also work closely with representatives of herbicide manufacturers and suppliers to insure that we are knowledgeable about any new technology that becomes available, that we are compliant with governmental regulations, and that we can implement the best and most appropriate technologies.

Our years of first-hand experience managing Floridian waterbodies has allowed us to fine-tune our sustainable approach—and advance our expertise in areas that directly affect The Sunshine State. Golden Algae (Prymnesium parvum) is a devastating toxic algae known to cause severe fish kills, if left unmanaged. Lake Masters has been a pioneer in the control of Golden Algae, and we’ve developed a dedicated, effective and sustainable management approach to protect the diverse life in our lakes, ponds and wetlands.

Aquatic Weed Control and Lake Management

Our aquatic weed control programs integrate all aspects of lake management, including herbicide applications, biological controls, nutrient limitation, aeration, littoral planting and fish stocking. We utilize the most appropriate technologies that will result in the most beautiful lakes with the least harmful impact on the environment. We take a proactive approach to lake management, and we plan for early and frequent treatments in order to insure that any major problems are stopped, resulting in better control with less impact on the environment. With Lake Masters, you can be assured that your lakes will be a real asset to your community, and you can be confident in knowing that we use the best, safest approved aquatic herbicides and methods. Your Choice is Clear!